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Specialized in rewinding and slitting stretch film.


Every year, not properly securing the cargo causes traffic accidents with sometimes fatalities. As a result, the European Commission has implemented stricter measures regarding cargo securing legislation. If you do not meet the minimum requirements, you risk hefty fines.
So take a close look at your supply chain. It is in your interest to examine these thoroughly.
Materials such as stretch film, corner profiles, anti-slip mats, strapping tape, clamping beams, tension straps, dunnage cushions can help you stabilize your load.
Curious about how you can optimize your cargo security?
DARCO can advise you on this. Please feel free to contact our specialists.

How it should be

What is a properly secured load?
DARCO provides all possible solutions to comply with 2 important European rules:
  • When braking, 80% of the load weight must be held back towards the front.
  • In a bend, 50% of the weight must be secured sideways.
Please see the full regulations below.